Delivery policy, shipping

With the desire to bring satisfaction to customers when buying, we have regulations in shipping, to ensure that the products you buy are the most satisfactory.

1. We will make and deliver based on the sample you selected. In case of not having the right product, you will require us to call confirm to send similar products instead.

2. Standard delivery time for an order is 12 hours from the time of order. Delivery time: from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (From Monday to Saturday)

3. Shipping costs

In Hanoi inner city:

In the suburbs of Hanoi and other provinces, international transportation:

4. In case the recipient cannot be contacted, the recipient is absent:

– If unknown address we will save within 6 hours and contact the recipient, in case of failure to contact orders will be canceled and no refund of payment.

– If the address is a company, office, house … We will send colleagues, relatives to receive and sign for confirmation

– In a safe place, the recipient can easily see at home, office, company … In this case, there is no signature.

5. In case the recipient does not accept the order:

– We will cancel the order. This case will not be refunded.

6. In case of incorrect address, change of address:

– Incorrect address: In case of wrong address, we will save 6 hours and contact the sender and the receiver to agree on location and time, if the new address is not more than 3km, it will be free. In case the new address is more than 3km away, an additional delivery fee will be charged.

7. If the recipient does not exist at the requested address: the order will be canceled and no refund of payment.

8. We do not ship products to addresses on trains, airplanes, ships, dangerous areas, prohibited areas, etc.