Insomnia should drink to sleep?

Prolonged insomnia will cause you to become tired, drowsy, lack of vitality, even increasing the risk of other diseases. So what should I do to improve insomnia and sleep better? If you often fall into insomnia like this, then do not hesitate, please refer to some of the drinks below to sleep early.

According to health experts, adults aged 18-60 years need to sleep at least 7-9 hours every night to regain energy, ready for a new day. Sleep deprivation or too little sleep increases the risk of depression, diabetes and heart disease, even death. Therefore, proactively seek solutions to improve this situation.

Insomnia should drink to sleep?

You can improve your sleep with some drinks right away:

Chamomile tea: Chamomile tea (chamomile tea) is a flower of the Asteraceae family that brings many health benefits, it helps reduce inflammation and improve sleep quality very well. So drink a cup of warm chamomile tea before bed to have a good night’s sleep.

Peppermint tea consumption: According to research, peppermint content contains menthol which helps muscles relax and create deeper sleep. At the same time it also soothes stomach pains to improve sleep quality.

Drinking lotus tea: this tea contains many nuciferin and nelumbin to help the body easily enter the resting state, quickly sink into sleep, treat insomnia very well.

Drink turmeric milk: Turmeric milk is rich in tryptophan which is a precursor of melatonin, it helps increase melatonin levels to regulate the body’s sleep and wake cycles. At the same time curcumin in turmeric also helps reduce the effects of sleep deprivation.

Drinking healthy custard apple: custard apple is rich in carbohydrates that help maintain mental and physical health. There is also natural fructose to replenish energy, good for the digestive system, help you sleep better and deeper.

The above share can help you know what insomnia should drink? However, note that the above drinks only temporarily reduce the symptoms of insomnia, or have to use for a long time to work, so if you want to promote the effect quickly, you need to apply another solution.

Cause insomnia, sleep better with custard tea

Since its inception, custard tea has become a savior for people with insomnia. According to research, in custard tea contains more than 20 types of nutrients, rich in carbohydrates and natural sugars should help increase body strength, feel healthier, more mentally relaxed, easily fall asleep, improve improve insomnia clearly.

Moreover, compared to other teas, custard tea does not contain Cafreeine, so it is very safe for health. Immediately after use, essences in tea will penetrate deeply into the cells, stimulate blood circulation, reduce stress, bring deeper sleep.

In particular, regular use of custard tea also helps fight inflammation, kill malignant cells, accelerate bowel movement, stimulate good digestion, making it easier to sleep better. Every day, you only need to drink 1-2 cups of custard tea which will help improve both physical and mental, not worrying about insomnia every night.

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