People with high blood pressure should eat something good?

Diet greatly affects the condition of people with high blood pressure. In other words, if you want to control the disease, improve the disease, you need to adjust your eating and drinking accordingly, choosing good food and food. So what should high blood pressure eat to support disease treatment, good for health? Please refer to the suggestions below to better understand this offline!

What is high blood pressure like?

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a sudden increase in blood pressure, a chronic condition that often occurs when blood pressure on the walls of arteries increases. Specifically, according to the Vietnam Heart Association, normal people will have blood pressure below 120/80 mmHg, but for people with high blood pressure, this number will increase over 130 / 80mmHg, even some people who are too high will rise. to 180/110 mmHg or more.

People with high blood pressure often have no obvious clinical symptoms, so it is difficult to detect early. There are also a small number of patients with high blood pressure who may experience transient symptoms such as headache, shortness of breath, or sometimes epistaxis.

Increased blood pressure causes blood pressure in the arteries to rise, thereby putting pressure on the tissues and causing damage to blood vessels over time. Over time, there will be great pressure on the heart, creating a burden on the heart, increasing the risk of dangerous cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, heart failure, myocardial infarction, …

Therefore, in addition to combining medication as prescribed by the doctor, patients with hypertension should take the initiative in eating properly, choosing appropriate foods to contribute to improving the disease, avoiding unexpected complications. want to happen.

People with high blood pressure should eat something good?

Experts recommend that people with high blood pressure should prioritize foods that are low in salt, low in sugar and low in cholesterol, especially restricting foods high in protein, high in potassium, without smoking and alcohol. At the same time increase the intake of green vegetables and fresh fruits, both helping to supplement vitamins and nutrients, but also support the treatment of diseases.

Some foods that people with high blood pressure should eat like:

– Eating custard apple,

– Eat celery

– Eat tomatoes,

– Eat bamboo shoots,

– Eat chrysanthemum vegetables,

– Eat carrots,

– Eat mushrooms,

– Eating peanuts,

– Eat garlic,

– Eat apple,

– Eat banana,

– Eat pears, grapes, cucumbers, watermelons …

These foods help to supplement nutrition, lower blood pressure, reduce the unpleasant symptoms caused by hypertension, limit the occurrence of high blood pressure.

Using custard tea helps support the treatment of high blood pressure

Among them is a magic fruit that experts appreciate extremely good for health, especially for people with high blood pressure, it is custard. Soursop is an extremely nutritious fruit that is very good for health, it also works to treat and prevent many diseases, such as high blood pressure.

According to the study, only 100 grams of custard apple contains more than 20mg of vitamin C, double that of other fruits such as bananas, pears, apples, oranges, grapes and pineapples. Fruit is very useful to strengthen the body’s immune system, prevent disease.

Based on these uses, herbal experts have researched the production of custard tea which helps support effective, safe and economical treatment of high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure if used correctly custard tea will be good for the heart, help regulate blood pressure, improve disease quickly without resorting to medicines. Numerous scientific studies have also demonstrated the ability of custard apple to lower blood pressure without increasing the heart rate.

Especially custard tea is easy to drink, delicious, has improved the disease but also provides additional nutrition, enhances the health of patients, is the perfect solution for those who have high blood pressure, all worried about sick.

Buy custard tea where?

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