The use of soursop tea on health

Soursop tea is a product made from soursop fruits grown in the Central Highlands clean and delicious. Drinking custard tea is not only delicious but also nutritious, very good for health and can support the treatment of many diseases. So how will drinking custard tea have any effect on health? The following sharing will help you understand this.

Soursop, also known as Soursop, na gai, or soursop, the scientific name of this fruit is Annona muricata L, of the Na family (Annonaceae). This is a fruit grown in the South, white meat, sweet and sour taste, very nutritious to eat.

1, Soursop tea helps prevent cancer

According to research, soursop tea contains a lot of acetogenin – a group of powerful antibiotics with very good anti-cancer properties. In particular, these anti-cancer compounds also help protect healthy cells from the negative effects of cancer chemotherapy such as hair loss, weight loss or nausea … In addition, custard tea also helps reduce tumor size, aids in destroying cancer cells and enhances immunity.

2, Support treatment of high blood pressure, good for the heart

Soursop tea is considered a savior for people with high blood pressure. Specifically, the potassium content and the plethora of active ingredients contained in soursop help reduce relative blood pressure, stabilize blood pressure, control blood pressure as well as reduce pressure on the heart. At the same time, when the blood pressure is adjusted, it will prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases, reduce heart failure and atherosclerosis.

3, Soursop tea helps strengthen blood circulation

Many studies show that soursop tea contains very high levels of iron, thereby helping to produce red blood cells, replenish the body’s blood, especially for anemia. Thanks to iron, the amount of red blood cells in the body increases, helps stimulate the blood circulation system, nourishes tissues and organs throughout the body, speeds up the recovery process of the body, helps you feel healthy. , comfortable, less sick.

4, Soursop tea helps support weight loss

The abundant vitamin B in custard-apple tea can help boost metabolism, burn fat even at rest, and still provide energy for the body. So if drinking soursop tea regularly, properly will help lose weight effectively and safely, improve physique easier.

5, Soursop tea helps to aid digestion

Thanks to the mineral composition and a series of essential vitamins that have anti-inflammatory properties and support the digestive system extremely well. Therefore, drinking custard tea will help provide nutrition for the body, prevent constipation, stomach ache, indigestion, flatulence and diarrhea. Moreover, the calcium content in soursop also helps absorb iron, the antibacterial properties of soursop will help balance the microorganisms in the intestine, stabilize digestion.

5, Soursop tea strengthens the immune system

Soursop tea is rich in vitamin C which helps the body produce more white blood cells, thereby killing bacteria as well as increasing the body’s resistance. Vitamin C is considered as an antioxidant that reduces the risk of oxidative stress in tissues and organs. Thereby helping the body organs work smoothly and reduce the risk of disease.

6, Soursop tea helps lower liver enzymes, detoxify the liver

Currently the proportion of people suffering from liver diseases is increasing. Instead of using harmful medications, you can drink custard tea every day to improve the disease. The components and activities in custard apple have the ability to help antibacterial, detoxify, eliminate toxins in the liver. Besides, it also helps to lower liver enzymes, help cool the liver, clear heat, improve sleep quality, help eating and sleeping better.

7, Soursop tea supports diabetes treatment

Scientific research shows that charantins, peptides and alkaloids in soursop tea can support blood sugar very well. Therefore, drinking this tea regularly will contribute to supporting effective diabetes treatment, preventing complications caused by the disease.

8, Soursop tea supports gout treatment

Gout is an extremely nuisance disease, caused by the high content of uric acid in the blood, which leads to ionization and the formation of urate salts dissolved in plasma, forming gout in the joints. Since the ingredient in custard tea can reduce uric acid, it is extremely good for people with gout.

9, Soursop tea helps lower blood fat

Soursop is rich in antioxidants that help prevent the absorption of glucose into cells, while inhibiting the activity of synthesizing glucose, thereby reducing blood fat, cholesterol in the blood effectively.

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