What to buy for Koreans is most appropriate?

What to buy for Koreans accordingly, both meaningful and desirable to them is a problem that many people have a headache. While in Korea, everything is good and good, from cosmetics, clothes to food, medicine … so it is more difficult to choose gifts. If you are also worried about this issue, please refer to the suggestion below, surely this will be an extremely perfect gift, helping to increase the love between the two sides!

Experience in choosing Korean gifts

In order to make a good impression on Koreans, in addition to daily conversations, giving gifts is also a way to increase their affection and respect. Especially if you want to give gifts to Korean bosses, you need to be prepared.

– Should choose gifts that can meet their requirements, practical needs. For example, they can be used every day, good for them on one or more aspects.

– Give priority to choosing healthy gifts. As we all know, Koreans are extremely concerned about health, they always try to eat and exercise for good health, so this gift will be very popular with them.

– The gift must make the recipient feel your affection, sincerity and respect for the Korean people. Through that they understand what the message you want to convey, for example, want to bring health to them, want them to succeed …

– Gifts should be given in accordance with Korean culture. This is seen as your respect to them, absolutely do not give offensive gifts.

– Gifts should be given in kind, simple, not too big, not too ostentatious

– Giving gifts that are rare in Korea, few places to sell

What to buy for Koreans is most appropriate?

In the seminar “Natural miracles bestowed”, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh, Hanoi University of Science and Technology confirmed that custard apple is one of the precious herbs with natural origin from your country. South Korea is seeking and buying the most today. So giving custard tea to Koreans is a great gift for health, both subtle and meaningful, to show your heart to the recipient.

Soursop is also known as soursop or sapodilla fruit, this is a perennial tree with a height of 3 – 10m, dark leaves, bushy, hairless, blue flowers and grows on the body. In Vietnam, soursop is distributed mainly in the Central Highlands provinces such as Dak Lak, Gia Lai, Kon Tum … Soursop tea is a tea made from custard fruit, the meat is slightly sour and sweet, contains many nutrients nutritious, healthy and processed into tea.

Drinking custard tea regularly will bring the following health benefits:

– Soursop tea contains more than 20 different vitamins and nutrients, helping to supplement nutrition to enhance health, help the body supple.

– Soursop tea helps to clean the blood, removes harmful toxins from the body, cleanses the skin due to acne, supports scars and melasma, helps skin smooth.

– Soursop tea also helps activate fibrinogen production in the body, helps fight against tablets and heals wounds quickly.

– Soursop tea also has a range of other uses such as anti-cancer, support diabetes treatment, treat insomnia and help sleep well, support lowering blood pressure, lower liver enzymes and detoxify the liver, support gout treatment, reduce fatty blood, good for the cardiovascular system …

Especially custard tea is extremely elegant, can be drunk daily instead of other teas, even used to receive very luxurious guests. Tea is easy to preserve, long-term use, convenient, can be drunk at any time, whether at home or work.

Buy quality custard tea for Koreans, where the quality?

On the market there are many places selling custard tea but not everywhere and standard clean. Especially when buying to give to Koreans, the more attention. For peace of mind, you should buy directly at Nguyen Van Foods Co., Ltd. (Address: 51 Hamlet 6A, Ea Kly, Krong Pac, Dak Lak, Vietnam).

This is a prestigious enterprise specializing in producing and distributing custard tea in Vietnam, which has been licensed by the authorities. The product uses directly the source of clean soursop in Dak Lak, produced according to technology standards, no chemicals, no preservatives, and safe for health. Moreover, the selling price here is also the cheapest in the market.

Hopefully, with the above share, you will know what to buy for Korean people. To buy standard custard tea at cheap prices, please contact:

Company Limited Nguyen Van Foods

Address No. 51 Hamlet 6A, Ea Kly, Krong Pac, Dak Lak, Vietnam

Hotline: 097 462 6246

Email address: vansonnguyen719@gmail.com

Website: https://tramangcau.vn/

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