Organic standard material area
Nguyen Van custard-apple tea is harvested and processed on the Dak Lak plateau with special soil. On the fertile basalt red soil, fresh and succulent custard apples have been produced, containing high levels of nutrients.
The entire area of custard apple is cultivated in the direction of organic agriculture, without the use of synthetic chemicals and genetically modified crops. Make the most of scientific knowledge and traditional experience to create the best fruit trees.
Soursop tea is made directly from fresh custard-apple fruits, harvested directly from the local farm. Promoting the advantage of local raw materials, always ensuring the freshness and ripeness of custard apples, leading to delicious and nutritious tea fibers.
Modern production lines
In order to bring the best quality products, Nguyen Van always builds and invests in innovation of technology and equipment, and develops production scale. Currently, Nguyen Van custard-apple tea is proud to always bring to the market products with maximum quality based on modern machinery and technology. The slices of fresh tea are processed in a closed technology, without the use of preservatives and a special formula that helps to keep the full nutritional content of fresh custard-apple fruits and ensure food hygiene and safety.
Soursop tea Nguyen Van has built a certain position in the hearts of consumers. Nguyen Van has participated in many domestic competitions and won high prizes. Conquering the most demanding customers in both domestic and foreign markets such as Korea, Japan, the US, etc. One of the valuable assets of Nguyen Van custard apple tea is the positive feedback on the product. customer after use. That is not only a "golden measure" but also a motivation to help Nguyen Van always strive to be creative.

Details Soursop Tea Nguyen Van


Soursop tea branded Nguyen Van uses directly the source of soursop fruit grown in Krong Pac, Dak Lak, has its own factory combining modern machinery and processing technology. Currently, the company has been granted a business license by the Department of Planning and Investment of Dak Lak on March 6, 2019 with MSDN: 6001653228, so you can be assured of the quality of the product and use it with peace of mind.

Soursop tea Nguyen Van has the following advantages:

- Preserve the delicious taste and precious nutrients of custard apple

- Guaranteed 100% pure, without any preservatives or impurities

- Safe to use, not afraid of side effects, suitable for all subjects

- Provides many vitamins and nutrients good for the body

- Provides antioxidants and many other medicinal substances to help support treatment.

Benefits of Soursop tea Nguyen Van

Nguyen Van custard-apple tea products have been quality tested and proven capable of bringing great effects as follows:

- Prevention of cancer: According to the Journal of Natural Products - American Chemical Society, the substances in custard apple have the ability to kill cancer cells 10,000 times more than conventional chemotherapy without harming to the body. healthy cells, no side effects. This is considered a breakthrough solution for people who are suffering from cancer.

- Lower high blood pressureUncontrolled high blood pressure can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. According to Carbajal et al., 1991 indicated that custard apple provides a large amount of Ca 2+, which helps to reduce blood vessel wall pressure, stimulate blood circulation and dilate vessel walls, thus helping to lower blood pressure and stabilize blood good pressure.

- Support in the treatment of diabetes: The ingredients in custard-apple tea can lower blood sugar, especially the methanol extract from custard-apple helps to reduce blood glucose levels significantly, thereby rapidly improving disease symptoms.

- Support the treatment of urinary tract infectionsSoursop tea contains suitable levels of natural antibiotics, helps increase anti-inflammatory ability, supports the treatment of urethritis, cystitis, urethritis and kidney disease. 

Gout treatment:  Active ingredients from soursop tea help reduce swelling and pain in joints by eliminating uric acid from the blood, effectively reducing pain.

- Sedative, help sleep well: In the West Indies, custard-apple is also used as a sedative. In the Netherlands Antilles used as a drink to promote sleep. Therefore, drinking soursop tea daily helps the spirit to relax, relax, sleep better and sleep more deeply.

Production process Soursop tea Nguyen Van

You can rest assured, the soursop tea production process at Nguyen Van facility is guaranteed to be closed and meets international standards ISO 22000 and HACCP, ensuring proper hygiene and safety standards.