Answer the question: Should people with high blood pressure eat eggs?

For people with high blood pressure, what not to eat should always be carefully considered to prevent recurrence. In it, there are conflicting opinions on the issue Should people with high blood pressure eat eggs?? So eating or not eating is the best solution to control blood pressure for patients. The answer will be provided in the following article. We invite you to consult.


1. Should people with high blood pressure eat eggs?

Should people with high blood pressure eat eggs?

Many people think that eating eggs will increase blood pressure because too much nutrients in eggs increase cholesterol. In reality, however, this is quite the opposite. According to research results of American nutritionists published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2005, the consumption of eggs not only does not increase blood pressure, but on the contrary also reduces the risk of disease. than those who ate less. 

- Analyze the nutritional composition of eggs

To help people better understand why people with high blood pressure can eat eggs. We will analyze in detail the nutritional composition of this food so that you can gain more knowledge:

Eggs contain whites and yolks. Important nutrients will be concentrated in the yolk with 13.6% protein, 29.8% fat and 1.6% minerals. 


Eggs have a high amount of protein that is very good for the body

The protein in the yolk contains many of the best amino acids. In particular, the protein in this yolk is simple and soluble. Therefore, it is completely good for human health, including those with high blood pressure or diabetes.


This is a very precious and rare type of fat found in other foods. It is completely healthy fat that does not cause obesity or raise blood cholesterol. On the contrary, Lecithin also participates in the regulation and prevention of cholesterol levels and promotes their separation from the body. Therefore, people who eat eggs scientifically often have a lower risk of developing high blood pressure than those who do not eat or eat less.

Vitamins, minerals

Eggs contain many essential vitamins and minerals for the body

The vitamins and minerals that are good for the body are found in egg whites such as zinc, copper, iron, manganese, iodine,... Helps the body have more healthy energy sources to be in the best shape.

Using the right amount of eggs can help stabilize blood pressure

Every week, patients only need to eat 1-3 eggs

When getting the answer to the question of whether people with high blood pressure should eat eggs, how to eat eggs is also a matter of interest to many people. So what is the best way to eat eggs for people with high blood pressure?

Although it does not affect the recurrence of hypertension, it does not mean that patients can eat this food comfortably. Like all foods, moderate is good, but too much is counterproductive. 

So for people with high blood pressure, eating only 1-3 fruits per week is enough. Maintaining a scientific diet will help minimize bad cholesterol levels in the blood and stabilize blood pressure.

2. The right treatment direction for people with high blood pressure

Because this is a chronic disease and has silent complications, most will be applied long-term treatment. If not detected and treated promptly, it can lead to dangerous complications, even death. The most appropriate treatment for people with high blood pressure includes:

- Treatment with drugs

Drug treatment of high blood pressure

Most current treatment modalities are the use of western medicine to lower and maintain blood pressure. Commonly prescribed drugs for patients include: beta-blockers, vasodilators, diuretics, ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, etc. These drugs all work to support blood stability. pressure. Usually effective immediately but not completely and need to follow the doctor's advice.

- Build a healthy eating menu

In addition to drug treatment, the patient also needs to build a healthy diet menu to limit the recurrence of the disease. The list of foods to avoid and should be used needs to be listed in the most complete and serious way. Only in this way, the treatment of the new disease goes smoothly.

For people with high blood pressure, it is necessary to stay away from foods containing a lot of salt, animal fat, alcoholic beverages, stimulants, etc. The more restricted, the easier it is to control the increased blood pressure. return.

- Regular exercise and relaxation

Regular exercise and relaxation are also ways to stabilize blood pressure

In addition to eating, the patient also creates a habit of movement to support health promotion, regularly exercises, relaxes the mind to minimize the amount of stress. straight, anxious. Because the strong changes in psychology often give rise to episodes of paroxysmal high blood pressure, which is extremely dangerous.

3. Stabilize blood pressure thanks to soursop tea

Soursop tea helps to lower and stabilize blood pressure very well

Currently, in addition to drug treatment, patients still tend to seek treatment with medicinal herbs. Because if used for a long time, the body will easily become addicted to the drug and resistant to the drug. Besides, each drug only acts on a specific mechanism of causing hypertension. Specifically as:

- High blood pressure will usually take aspirin to control.

Vascular loss of elasticity will often be given to patients on calcium antagonists, angiotensin receptor blockers, ACE inhibitors, and alpha blockers.

- Increased heart rate will use beta blockers, calcium channel blockers generation I, ...

- Arterial narrowing due to blood fat will often be given statin drugs, fibrates, ...

Therefore, at least each patient must use 2 or more drug groups for each treatment session. This is extremely harmful to health when there are many side effects associated with it. However, now patients have turned to a gentler way to treat high blood pressure with soursop tea - One of the best herbal teas available today.

According to research by Carbajal et al 1991, it has been proved that thanks to the large amount of Ca 2+ present in custard apple, it helps to reduce blood vessel wall pressure, stimulate vessel wall dilation, and maximize blood circulation. Thanks to that, this is considered a panacea in supporting stable blood pressure.

Currently, the most used custard-apple tea is Nguyen Van custard-apple tea. Processed on modern technological lines, keeping the deliciousness and precious nutrients in the composition of custard apple.

Besides treating high blood pressure, people using soursop tea can also help treat and prevent diseases such as: Gout, cancer prevention, diabetes, urinary tract infections.

Above are all the most detailed answers to the question of whether people with high blood pressure should eat eggs. Hopefully, this article will help you see more properly about foods that are good and bad for sick people. To find out more useful information about the treatment of this disease, please visit the website Information to you.

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