Learn more about the northern custard apple and its effects on health

Fruit Northern custard apple Known as a delicious, sweet and sour fruit with many nutritional components that bring many benefits to human health. Not only is the northern fruit of custard-apple, it is also prepared into many effective remedies to cure many diseases. Let us learn more about this fruit as well as its uses right in the following article.


1.  What is Northern custard apple?

Thực hư thần dược mãng cầu xiêm chữa ung thư

Northern custard apple, also known as soursop

Northern custard-apple, also known as soursop, is a cultivar of the na family but has thorns and is larger. This is a fruit tree that lives well in tropical climates, hot sun and rich in nutrients. However, soursop can be grown almost anywhere and is easy to care for, with few pests and diseases.

The tree has a wide canopy, small woody trunk with an average height of 4-7 m, many branches and dense leaves. The leaves are quite large, dark green, smooth and hairless. Soursop flowers grow in clusters with a green color that grows from the stem.

When custard apple sprouts from the flower, the fruit is quite large, dark green in color, with thorns outside when it grows and matures, the custard apple will fade. Each custard apple will have different sizes and weights depending on the plant's ability to absorb nutrients. Despite having thorns, custard apple's shell is smooth and shiny. The flesh of custard apple is white, sweet and sour, and has many seeds. The inside is divided into several zones.

2. Nutritional ingredients in Northern custard apple

Soursop is a nutrient-rich fruit with many nutritional components that are good for human health. Specifically, the nutritional composition table in 100 grams of custard apple is as follows:

Ingredient Name

% nutrition (grams)




16,8 gram


1 gram


0,3 gram


3,3 gram

vitamin C

20,6 mg


278 mg


0,1 mg


21 mg


0,9 mg


0,1 mg


0,1 mg

vitamin B6

0,1 mg


14 microgram


0,6 mg

phốt pho

27 mg

axit pantothenic

0,3 mg

Table of nutritional value in 100 grams of custard apple

3. Health effects

Kỹ Thuật Trồng Mãng Cầu Xiêm "như một chuyên gia"

Soursop contains many nutrients good for health

As the above table of value ingredients, we can confirm that this is a fruit that has many effects on human health. Some of the prominent features include the following:

- Strengthen the immune system

Thanks to the abundant amount of vitamin C, according to research, for every 100g of custard apple, there will be 20mg of vitamin C, which is many times higher than other fruits, so it has great use in strengthening the immune system. Eating a lot of soursop contributes to the protection and treatment of diseases caused by viruses and environmental impacts, giving you a healthy and supple body.

- Provides abundant energy

In custard apple has a high content of carbohydrates and fructose, these are two nutrients that balance, maintain and provide abundant energy for the body. At the same time, it helps to focus, calm and relieve fatigue and effectively replenish energy.

- Improve the digestive system hệ

If you often suffer from bloating and indigestion, add this fruit to your daily menu and you will see the great benefits it brings. With high fiber content and nutrients, custard apple also helps the body replenish beneficial bacteria for health.

At the same time, it helps speed up bowel movements, promotes the elimination of waste, and enhances the rapid digestion of fats and proteins.

- Good for bones and teeth

Eating a lot of custard-apple will be good for the bones and teeth of people, especially children and the elderly, because custard apple contains phosphorus and calcium. This is a nutrient that helps strengthen bones and teeth.

- Supports weight loss

Although custard apple has a sweet taste, it does not cause fat, but on the contrary, it also helps women lose weight effectively. Soursop contains a lot of fiber, vitamin C and water, which are nutrients that help burn fat quickly. 

- Prevent anemia

In 100g custard-apple contains 0.6 mg of Iron, which as we know iron is a mineral that prevents anemia and provides energy for those who are often anemic, dizzy, nauseated. Compared with the direct intake of iron through drug use, iron supplementation through nutrition is more effective and safer.

- Good for people with unstable blood pressure

According to research, soursop has the effect of lowering blood pressure, preventing heart diseases, diabetes effectively.

4. Circumstances in which Northern custard apple should not be used

Although soursop has many uses and is a good fruit, there are certain cases where it should not be used, namely the following cases:

+ People who are being treated and using drugs to lower blood pressure, diabetes. Although it is used to support the treatment of these diseases, when taking soursop medicine, it can increase the drug effect and this will affect the treatment process.

+ Contraindicated for people with liver disease, kidney disease, people with low platelet count because according to research, custard apple contains substances that can reduce the number of platelets.

+ For pregnant women, custard apple provides many nutrients, but products made from leaves, roots or seeds are strictly forbidden to use because it can increase the risk of miscarriage.

5. How to process custard apple in the North


Nourishing custard apple tea

Soursop is a type of fruit that, in addition to the usual way of processing, is drunk into a smoothie to help clear heat and detoxify the body, the custard apple is also used to make tea. Soursop tea has many uses and outstanding advantages to help treat many dangerous diseases but still does not lose the delicious taste and precious nutrients in custard apple. 

Soursop tea is easy to drink, convenient and safe to use, especially suitable for all customers from young children to the elderly, so it is very popular. However, currently on the market, there are many distribution addresses of custard-apple tea products, but not all of them meet quality standards and are guaranteed to be processed from fresh and nutritious custard-apple fruits. Understanding that, we would like to share with you Nguyen Van custard-apple tea products, this is a facility specializing in producing and processing quality custard-apple tea, meeting the No. Nguyen Van uses directly the source of custard apple grown in Krong Pac, Dak Lak, has its own factory that combines modern machinery and processing technology to process the best tea. For more details, please visit the website address: https://tramangcau.vn/ or call the hotline: 0974.626.246 – 0973.980.610 for a free consultation.

You care about your family's health, you want to find a nutritious fruit to add to your family's daily menu, then Northern custard apple, also known as soursop, is the choice. most perfect. With the information from the above article, we have understood in detail the effects as well as the nutritional value that custard apple brings to human health, right? Good luck !



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